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“Cat has been a valuable contributor to the success of our broadcast projects over the years. She has the industry connections and the technical know-how to get the job done. If you're looking for a free-lance broadcast producer I would highly recommend her services.

Mark Albertazzi, Creative Director / Owner, matthews|evans|albertazzi

"Diligent. Organized. Responsible. Knows how to suggest talent with bulls-eye precision. And one of the greatest smiles and laughs in the business. Just a few of the reasons why Cat is one of my top picks to work with. Please contact me if you have any questions. Or, better yet, just contact Cat and hire her ASAP!"

Felipe Bascope, Creative Consultant/Copywriter

Cat is a consummate professional and partner. Of all of the jobs I consorted with Cat on, I was always properly led and she keenly manages expectations on all sides. As a freelance line producer of broadcast commercials, I highly recommend Cat as a senior agency producer who properly partners with Production.

Jason Wolk

I have worked with Cat on more projects than I can count over the years and she is one of the most buttoned up producers out there. She not only understands the demands of production, she seamlessly walks the line between creatives and clients creating a harmony that is so often absent these days.

michael raimondi, president/executive producer, union editorial LA/NY

It's an absolute pleasure to work with someone who actually knows what they're doing.  Cat understands the processes of production and post because she's been in the trenches on both sides.  She gets it!   Wrangling agency creatives, the end client, and the vendors, takes an experienced diplomat while managing a budget and deadline.  I wish more producers were like her!

SANDY BELADINO  president of getting shit done  
t  310 587 9100  

Cat, Thanks for a great shoot in Jupiter.  
I especially appreciated your focus and diligence in making sure everything was covered and all our needs were addressed before, during, and after the shoot. I can personally testify to all the great things people say about the way you approach your projects and get thing done.  Thanks!

Wesley M. Brandon, Callaway Brand Manager (Golf Ball)  
Currently VP of Marketing - Carol Cole Company, Co-Founder-Ablaze Adventures

“Cat truly is a great producer. She expertly steered us through our production, making sure no detail was missed all while never loosing sight of the big picture. She consistently went above and beyond and made sure we had a spot that everyone, from the client to the creatives loved.”

Jonathan Brown, Design Director, DGWB

“Cat is the real deal. She has the knowledge, experience, and the attitude to get things done. She has a very realistic approach, but always with a can-do attitude. No job is too big or too small for her. She has a way to get the best out of people, especially in stressful situations. She is reliable, a team player, loyal, and detailed oriented. I have been working with Cat for over 5 years, and in every project I was confident she always had the best interest of the agency and the creative work in mind first. She has taught me, and my team, many things. I strongly recommend her.”

Fernando Campos, Creative Director/Art Director

"I've worked with Cat many times over the years.  She's always a pleasure to work with and a great kisser".

Josh Canova, Executive Producer, Detour Films
310.396.5796 T

“For her rich experience. For her vast knowledge. For her strong leadership. For her attention to detail. For her ability to draw the line. For her don't-mess-with-me glares. For her infectious spirit. For her unwavering loyalty. For her sense of humor. For her love affair with big, bold, great ideas. For her attention to the bottom line. That's why I'd recommend Cat again and again.”

Colin Ayres, Associate Creative Director at Piston

“Cat is an amazing producer. Make that one-part producer, one-part magician. Not only is she well-connected, completely buttoned-up and a stickler for the all-important details, but she possesses an exceptional ability to stretch the almighty dollar farther than you can ever imagine (a good trait in today's budget-conscious world). Thinking back, I still can't believe some of the things Cat managed to pull off.”

Bob Satmary, Senior Copywriter  - Freelance

As an account person, Cat is someone you want, no need, on your team when producing a spot. Her knowledge of the industry and her connections make her invaluable. The union and their usage rights is a tricky industry but I never worry we'll be over budget or that anything will be forgotten and come back to bite us, because she takes care of it all. She's also great at guiding account people with limited broadcast production knowledge through the process so no balls are dropped. If you want the best production houses and directors for the best price, and to have fun in the process, Cat's the only producer I'd recommend.

Lindsy Haslam Account Supervisor

“Cat seems to thrive under difficult circumstances. In other words, if it's impossible, Cat will get it done for you. She'll be honest about the challenges, but she always gets creative when traditional methods won't cut it. She knows everyone in the business, and is a fierce and tenacious advocate for quality product. At our ad agency, there wasn't ever a question about who would produce for us - we trusted Cat.”

Rachel (Hornor) Barach